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Bandicam Reviews

For many gamers using game recording software is a huge challenge. Many times, the performance of the recording software depends on a huge amount of variables. Bandicam Screen Recorder is a popular option for game capture software as it does not put a huge strain on your computer.


Bandicam Screen Recorder Features

Bandicam Screen Recorder has many great features that can help you record your gameplay with the best quality. The primary feature of Bandicam is that it has much smaller file sizes than other game recording software. This feature is essential as some recording software can quickly fill your hard drive with just video files.

Bandicam can also be used to record over 24 hours with no stops if you have the hard drive space.

You can also upload straight to YouTube, without the need to convert the files. You can get your videos out faster using Bandicam, and you do not need to leave your computer alone for hours on end converting files.

There are many settings that you can customize in Bandicam to get the best game recording. Since this game recording software uses less CPU, GPU, and HDD, you can record in higher quality without needing to worry about lag or dropping frames all the time. Many gamers find this important, especially if they are playing online or live streaming at the same time that they are recording. The lower usage and the adjustable settings allow older computers to record at higher qualities than with other recording software.


The FPS cap is one of the reasons that Bandicam Screen Recorder is a popular option for game recording software. The cap is 120 FPS, which is double what most games run at. This high frame rate is crucial because it helps with how smooth the video is.

Bandicam Screen Records does not place a significant strain on a computer. This is very important as if game recording software places strain on a computer; your game could start lagging or dropping FSP. For some games and computers, the massive strain that using recording software has makes the game unplayable.


Depending on your computer, and what programs you are running, there can be some lag for Bandicam Screen Recorder. This is due to many variables, and it’s hard to pinpoint the exact cause.


Bandicam Screen Recorder is an excellent option for game recording software. You may notice some lag or frame drops when you start and stop the recording, but this is true for more recording software. There are many settings that you can adjust to get the best recording from your game and minimize the amount of saving lag that Bandicam Screen Recorder can have.