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Pinnacle Studio is a video editing program originally developed by Pinnacle Systems as the consumer-level counterpart to Pinnacle’s former professional-level software, Liquid Edition. It was acquired by Avid and later by Corel in July 2012. Wikipedia

If you are looking for creative and powerful video editing software, Pinnacle Studio is for you! There are multiple products from Pinnacle Studio, the prominent ones being Pinnacle Studio Plus and Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. The editing power of Pinnacle Studio products is unmatched!

Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate

Edit your videos the way you want with the creative tools of Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate! This video editing software also provides for an intuitive interface and particular color features, not to forget the screen recorder and split screen video. If you are looking for advanced editing and more creative control, Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate is the right choice! It provides over 2000 video filters and a 360 spherical editing too.

Pinnacle Studio 22 Plus

You have 1800 effects and over with themed templates and titles to choose. The 24 track HD 3D editing is an attractive feature for sure. The split screen video, screen recorder and other unusual features in Pinnacle Studio 22 Plus allows you to edit movies in no time. With precise editing controls, you can focus on things that need edits, thus adding thrill to editing. Moreover, you can upload videos on social media. With Pinnacle Studio 22 plus video editing software, your creative boundaries have no limits or borders!

  • The selective color feature allows you to focus on a specific picture
  • The user interface is intuitive, allows quick access to all tools
  • Split screen video is another remarkable feature, especially if you are
  • looking to create a promotional video
  • If the full angle cameras have created distorted images, Pinnacle
  • Studio 22 Plus allows you to make corrections
  • Enhance the quality of your videos with 3D title editor